How Can The Federal Bureau Of Prisons Help You Find An Inmate

How Can The Federal Bureau Of Prisons Help You Find An Inmate

How can the Federal Bureau of Prisons help you find an inmate

With the advent of the online age, knowing people’s whereabouts has become really easy. Especially with a feature like an inmate search, you can access the current records of the inmates in jails across the United States. While there are plenty of portals available for the same, we trust using this feature through the Federal Bureau of Prisons the most. They are the most authentic source of information and have a great tracking record to keep the proper updates. Here is all that you need to know about this topic.

What is the Federal Bureau of Prisons?

  • It is a subdivision of the United States Department of Justice. It is authorized by the government of the U.S and is an authorized law enforcement agency.
  • It is also referred to as BoP.
  • The main purpose of this body is to keep a record of all the inmates who are in custody and have gone out of custody. It also has data of the inmates that have violated federal laws. Most importantly, they can help you locate any inmate that you are looking for.

How can the Federal Bureau of Prisons help me locate an inmate?

  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons has an online portal set up for you to access the data of inmates effortlessly.
  • You can log on to their website,, and then choose the ‘find an inmate’ option.
  • There are two ways through which you can find the status of an inmate. The first way is by adding the identification details such as the full name of the inmate along with their race, sex, and age.
  • The second way to find the details of the inmate through a valid number. This number can either be the Bureau of Prison registration number, the Federal Bureau of Investigation number, or the Inmate Number

Can you locate an inmate released after 1982?

  • Yes, this is possible.
  • The main portal of the Federal Bureau of Prisons ensures that there is an elaborate data of all the prisoners available.
  • This data is dated from the beginning of 1982 and includes all federal offenders who have been incarcerated ever since the aforementioned date.

Can BoP help you with inmate search and keep up communication with the offenders?

  • Yes, the Bureau of Prison can help you keep in touch with federal offenders.
  • After locating the inmates, you can manage to keep up communication with them through various different means.
  • Firstly, phone calls are allowed to a certain limit. It is said that offenders who have been in touch with their families and friends have lesser chances of going back to the same crime that they committed.
  • You can also send an email or even emails through this department.
  • Even the packages and parcels along with money can be sent to the inmates.

Can I narrow down my inmate search based on the locations?

  • Yes, the vast data available on the locations that the BoP works in making your search even easier.
  • You can filter out the categories based on the regions, the states, the facility types as well as the different security levels. You can also narrow down your search based on the prison types, and even alphabetically.
  • You can also specifically carry out an inmate search based on the state that the inmate is present in. The data for all the 50 states are listed on this portal.
  • The prison type is another option to help you understand the functioning of the Bureau of Prisons better. This is further divided into headquarters, offices, female facilities, prisons, and training centers.
  • The regions for inmate search are further divided into the following categories: Mid Atlantic Region, North Central Region, South East Region, North East Region, Western Region, and the South Central Region.

With the aforementioned information, you can easily carry out the inmate search without much of a hassle with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Another good option is a mobile patrol inmate search, which you may try.

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