An Overview Of Mdm Solutions For A Business

An Overview Of Mdm Solutions For A Business

An overview of MDM solutions for a business
Entrepreneurship is not an easy task. Everybody looks for different solutions to ensure that their business reaches the right audience for more exposure. When it comes to bootstrapped startups or small businesses, shelling out a lot of money is a tough thing to do. Hence, the need to adopt innovative options is a must. Here is a guide to one of the most innovative options for increasing the sales of your products and services, business MDM solutions:

What are MDM solutions?

  • MDM stands for mobile device management.
  • These solutions are basically security software managed by different Information Technology (IT) providers to secure, monitor, and manage the cell phones of employees in an organization.
  • The mobiles of employees are accessible to multiple service providers on different networks. Hence, securing the information and monitoring it for better efficiency of the organization is crucial. This is when business MDM solutions come in handy for use.
  • A common term associated with business MDM solutions is BYOD, which stands for bring your own devices. This practice is adopted by many IT-centric companies.

Why should you deploy MDM solutions for a small business?

  • Tablets and smartphones are widely used in medium-sized and small-sized businesses. Hence, to ensure better security, MDM solutions for small businesses are required.
  • Another reason for using MDM solutions for small businesses is that they are completely free of cost and are a great way to monitor the activity related to work on the technical devices of employees for no extra cost at all.
  • A mobile device that is being used in an organization gets an entity, which makes it much easier to manage.
  • Additionally, much like the usage of a mobile device, business MDM solutions are very easy to adopt.

Which are some of the best MDM solutions of 2018?

  • Our top pick among the various business MDM solutions is ManageEngine, which is quite affordable and covers all the mobile network providers.
  • VMware AirWatch supports all platforms and also provides additional features such as self-registration for users, along with remote wipe and remote lock.
  • You may also pick SOTI MobiControl, which not only supports all platforms but also offers granular selective wipe and mobile expense management, along with a single sign-in option for better mobile data management.
  • If these options don’t align with your requirements, you may choose from among Citrix XenMobile, Microsoft Intune, baramundi Management Suite, and even IBM MaaS360.

What should you be expecting from an MDM plan?
While an MDM plan would provide you with basic features such as reliability and different options of the platforms supported, there are some things you should look for while choosing a plan:

  • You need to gauge the level of security that your MDM plan offers since cybercriminals target small businesses first.
  • Choose the individual who will have a control over your MDM plan and how many people may access it.
  • The ideal business MDM solution should provide the option of wiping data from stolen and lost devices to the responsible managers.
  • You should also keep your budget in mind and choose an option that provides you with better levels of security for your small business.

What are the most affordable options for MDM solutions as per CIO?
Affordability is a crucial option while looking for MDM, especially when you are searching for MDM solutions for small businesses. Some of the most affordable options include the following:

  • AirWatch by VMWare
  • Codeproof, which also provides cloud support servers
  • Cisco Meraki, which supports a range of devices
  • Hexnode, which is known for its amazing customer service

The aforementioned guide covering business MDM solutions may be helpful for you to adopt if you are looking for technological advancements to grow your business. You may choose from different options and pick a solution provider who is best suited for your needs and budget to make the most of MDM solutions for your business.

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