The Best Luxurious Mini Motorhomes For Sale

The Best Luxurious Mini Motorhomes For Sale

The best luxurious mini motorhomes for sale
While camping and living off the grid may give campers the idea that life is all about the bare necessities, that might not necessarily be the case. This article talks about the several luxury mini motorhomes for sale in the market for those who want to pack as much of the good life with them in their RVs as possible.

The luxury motorhome market has so many options, how can you know which RV to buy?

  • Some mini motorhomes for sale have features that you find absolutely necessary for your family, while some features may just not interest you and hence won’t be required.
  • Everyone defines luxury in different ways. However, buying a motorhome is also dependent on your needs and budget.
  • A great place to start filtering while choosing is by trying to list out what you think really matters to you- exteriors, interiors, material quality, vehicle performance, amenities and features within the vehicle, etc.
  • Then it becomes easier to narrow down on the one from the many motorhomes for sale in today’s market.
  • If budget is a constraint but luxury is still on the top of your mind, used motorhomes can make for a great investment.
  • This will allow you to a buy a fancier motorhome with more features for a cheaper price than for which it is sold in the market.

Which are some of the best luxurious mini motorhomes for sale?

  • Some of the luxury motorhomes that are performing well are the Newell motorhome and the Airstream Atlas.
  • The Winnebago® Via® and the Winnebago® Horizon® are also among the best ones in the market when looking for luxurious mini motorhomes.

What does the Newell motorhome entail?

  • The Newell motorhome is basically a luxury apartment on wheels with custom and exclusive features.
  • While these mini motorhomes for sale cost just as much as a penthouse apartment, they provide features like 47-inch televisions, sub-zero appliances, marble flooring, a washer-dryer, and a full security camera system.
  • With a 600 hp diesel engine giving you 1950 lb-ft torque, this RV is every motorhome owner’s dream.

What are the features that make the Winnebago® Via® stand out?

  • The Winnebago® Via® is also one of the best luxurious mini motorhomes for sale in the market now.
  • It is great on mileage and has very little fuel consumption for its size.
  • The RV is based on the Mercedes-Benz chassis from the Sprinter along with a turbodiesel V6 engine.
  • This saves your fuel consumption and makes this motorhome easily maneuverable at the same time.
  • While the mechanics of the motorhome are great, so are the interiors. It has three-bedroom settings with the best one for a small family that includes a bed lowering from the walls or ceiling. It also comes with twin beds that can be combined to become a queen-sized bed. Add in a shower, stove, refrigerator, and two televisions, and this becomes one of the best mini motorhomes in the market.

What kind of features make the Winnebago® Horizon® a luxury mini motorhome?

  • The Winnebago® Horizon® is a great luxury motorhome and has won numerous awards in the RV category.
  • The Horizon® sports a clean and minimal design, and it stands out from most luxury motorhomes at the high-end segment.
  • The interiors are as well designed as the exteriors and take inspiration from the interiors of condos typical of Manhattan.
  • The motorhome has an electric fireplace, and it is lit with LED tubular lights.
  • The diesel vehicle is available in two variations, each 41 feet and 43 feet long respectively.
  • This motorhome, with its stellar design, is available for sale at $434,968.

What are the defining features of the Airstream Atlas motorhome?

  • The Atlas is the result of a collaboration between Airstream and Mercedes-Benz, so you know immediately this will be right up there among the luxury motorhomes for sale.
  • With aluminum wheels and their rear air ride mechanism for suspension, these mini motorhomes for sale are both eye candy and comfort all the way.
  • The vehicle has a 3.2 kW silent diesel power generator and features a super-silent duct air conditioning system, along with climate control options.
  • The interiors carry a Samsung Smart 40-inch LED TV and a Samsung soundbar, along with an in-built woofer system.
  • This is one of the luxury mini motorhomes for sale that also has a bar cabinet to stock bottles and glasses.
  • Its safety features include side and rearview cameras, a lane maintenance system, and the Mercedes-Benz’s Load Adaptive ESP system.
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