Here’s What You Should Know Before Buying A Cheap Air Conditioner

Here’s What You Should Know Before Buying A Cheap Air Conditioner

While most of us wait for winters, we dread its end as it marks the beginning of summers. If you live in a warm region, you’ll know it is quite hard to sleep peacefully during the summers, despite working throughout the day. When it’s hot outside, you can keep your home or apartment cool with the help of an air conditioner. Today, one can find several types of cheap air conditioners in the market. Here are some questions and answers that will help you pick the best one for your home.

What are the advantages of a window air conditioner?

  • Window air conditioners are the cheapest air conditioners available in the market.
  • Window air conditioners are a common choice of several people. Thus, they are readily available, and their price is relatively lower too.
  • Window air conditioners are not as noisy as other types of air conditions. Moreover, they are highly efficient too.
  • Water drains from the unit to the exteriors when the air conditioner exchanges the warm air for cold air.
  • Even smaller units of window air conditioners can adequately cool a room with an area of hundred to three hundred square feet.
  • Large units of window air conditioners can cool rooms measuring six hundred and fifty square feet.
  • If you place a window air conditioner smartly, it can cool more than one room.

Why should one pick a portable LG air conditioner?

  • A portable air conditioner by LG is best for small indoor spaces.
  • It has an 8000 BTU output, which is perfect for a room with an area of about 200 square foot space.
  • Its design is very sleek and modern. Moreover, its portability means that it can fit everywhere.
  • This cheap air conditioner has an LED display as well as an LCD remote control.
  • This air conditioner comes with a special washable filter which is quite helpful in removing particulate matter from the air.
  • Most importantly, its price is quite low, and you can buy it for $300 approximately.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of GE air conditioners?

  • The most significant advantage of these air conditioners is that it blasts chilled air into the room. It also pulls out most of the moisture, which will give you a comfortable and cool space.
  • Because of its 10000 BTU output, it is effective in cooling a room that measures 450 square foot approximately.
  • It has three fans and three-speed options with an energy saving mode.
  • It also comes with a remote control as well as a timer with 24-hour efficiency.
  • Also, it has 4-way direction control.
  • This cheap air conditioner comes with a washable mesh filter. It also alerts you when change is required.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • However, according to some consumers, this air conditioner makes too much noise.
  • According to several customers, its thermostat is not entirely accurate.
  • One more disadvantage of this air conditioner is it comes with a one-year warranty only.

What are the benefits of the Whynter Elite portable air conditioner?

  • If you are looking for a cheap, reliable and portable air conditioner, then this model is the best option in the 10000 to 12000 BTU range.
  • It has many versatile features, making it the perfect air conditioner for your home.
  • This air conditioner has 12,000 BTU power which means that it can cool an area of 400 Sq. Ft. quite easily.
  • Its 10,000 BTU heater helps in heating a room in the winters.
  • It also has a dehumidifier which removes most of the moisture from the air.
  • A washable carbon filter assists in eliminating airborne particulates.
  • This multi-function air conditioner comes at a reasonable price.

How are the benefits of a Black & Decker air conditioner?

  • The air conditioner has 14,000 BTU power for cooling your home.
  • It utilizes 11,000 BTU power for heating the room.
  • It can efficiently cool an area of 450 square feet, and its heating capacity is efficient for a space of 200 square feet.
  • Thus, you can use this cheap air conditioner in summers as well as the winters.
  • It has various features like a timer with 24-hour programming capacity, dehumidifier mode, remote control, and a window exhaust kit.
  • It has a single hose system, so you need a window closeby to use this movable unit.
  • You can get all of these features at an affordable price of around $400.
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