Choosing The Right Antiperspirant Deodorant To Get Rid Of Body Odor

Choosing The Right Antiperspirant Deodorant To Get Rid Of Body Odor

Choosing the right antiperspirant deodorant to get rid of body odor

Many people who use an antiperspirant or a deodorant do not know the difference between the both. Almost everyone applies either of the two to get rid of the unpleasant smell of body odor and the huge sweat stains under the armpits that are visible on the clothes. If you are struggling with body odor and sweaty armpits that cause you embarrassment in public, read along to know more about the best antiperspirant deodorants.

How does an antiperspirant deodorant work?

  • The way best antiperspirants work is that they are designed to prevent the body from producing sweat. It does so by blocking it from reaching the skin.
  • Antiperspirant deodorants contains an active ingredient called aluminum. It blocks sweat pores so that it cannot pass through. However, there are some kinds of antiperspirants that contain aluminum which causes yellow stains to appear on clothes when it comes into contact with sweat.
  • Other antiperspirants dissolve into the moisture of the skin and form a gel and sit temporarily on the sweat gland. This reduces the amount of sweat released.

What is the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants?

  • Most of the best antiperspirant deodorants available in the market help in controlling sweat and also contain fragrance.
  • Deodorants, however, contain only antimicrobial agents as they prevent body odor, but do not control the flow of the sweat.

What are the ingredients of some of the best antiperspirant deodorant?
The following ingredients help people feel fresh and cool and smell good.

  • Aluminum salts – Aluminum salts help in reducing the flow of sweat from the sweat gland to the skin surface. Antiperspirants aerosols contain aluminum chlorohydrate whereas sticks contain aluminum salt known as zirconium.
  • Antimicrobials – Since our body contains some amount of bacteria, they feed on the sweat and, as a result, produce bad smell. The antimicrobial agents kill the bacteria and slows the growth of the bacteria production that helps you stay odor-free for a longer duration.
  • Skin conditioners and fragrances – The fragrances in the antiperspirants help in masking the body odor and provide a feeling of freshness to the user. Some of them contain emollient oils that help in smoothening and softening the skin.
  • Carrier substances – Antiperspirants need a carrying structure that can be used to apply on the skin. It can be liquid if the antiperspirant is an aerosol and a solid substance if it’s a stick.
  • Alcohol – This ingredient is present in roll-ons, aerosols, and gels. Alcohol is used as an ingredient because it dissolves and dries quickly once applied to the skin. It also gives an immediate sense of coolness.

Which antiperspirant deodorants are most preferred among consumers?

  • There are four types of antiperspirants and deodorants: aerosols, stick, gel, and cream. They dry quickly and are convenient to use.
  • People who perspire heavily should go for stick antiperspirants as they have largest application surface.
  • There is no research that provides any evidence that antiperspirants damages the skin. However, if you have a skin condition, then it is necessary that you consult a dermatologist to confirm if antiperspirants are safe for you.

What is the relation between antiperspirants and sensitive skin?

  • People who have sensitive skin may find that applying antiperspirants or deodorants may induce rashes in the arm pits.
  • This is usually caused due to the fragrances or perfume that are added to mask the body odor.
  • It could also be due to reaction to other ingredients like alcohol or aluminum salts.
  • If your skin is sensitive to any of these ingredients, try to get an antiperspirant deodorant that is fragrance free.

Which are some of the best antiperspirant deodorant?
Some of the best antiperspirant deodorants include:

  • Old Spice Antiperspirant
  • Gillette Clinical Endurance
  • Recipe for Men Antiperspirant
  • Sweat Block
  • Dove Men + Care Dry Antiperspirant Spray
  • Certain Dri.
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